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Short stories

The story of a girl called M-J.

par Marthe et Manon

The story of a girl called M-J.

The spy

The villain

The story


Dear Mr. Hergov,

         Our agent has left London tonight by plane; she will arrive soon.

To recognize her, you must know that she’s tall and young (about 25 years old). She’s got shoulder-length black hair, almond-shaped blue eyes and a mole on the right cheekbone. Our spy must wear black clothes.

         Her name is Mary-Jane Hurley and her code name is “The Mole”, because she will infiltrate the enemy corporation, but you already know that.

          Lipstick pistols are her favourite gadget, so try to find a sophisticate one before her coming.

         Finally before being a spy she used to be a air hostess.

         She has a fabulous personality: she is a very good actress, she is fair and discreet.

         I hope everything will be fine. Have a nice day !

Best regards


Mr. G. Way, director of the E.S.A.


Ps: Be careful! She used to practise martial arts!


His name is Laferty, Brian Laferty.
He was born in Australia, thirty-five years ago.
He's tall and muscular, so he's well-put together. He's got shoulder-length
curly blond hair and very beautiful big blue eyes. He loves charming pretty
women. Everybody thinks he's like an angel, but appearances can be deceptive. This
man always carries a knife and he's far from being an angel. He's the most
blood-thirsty psychopath in the world. He's got a horrible scar behind his
left ear, but his hair hides it.
When he was young, he had a horrible life: his mother, who was very rich,
was never with him, she always gave him gifts for his happiness. At home,
Brian was always alone because his father died when Brian was six,
because of alcohol.
He was exceptionnally gifted and left school at the age of 16. After an altercation
with his mother who tried to kill him with a kitchen knife, he had a scar
behind the left ear, that's why he always has a knife with him now. To finish
this short description, I must quote his favorite action : manipulating
big companies and corporations to earn money and manage the whole world.


On this cold day of December, Mary-Jane was waiting for the bus on Broadway Avenue in New York City. It was very early so there was almost nobody in the street. She was waiting alone, then… someone arrived behind her, put his hand on her mouth and pulled her into a building. She didn’t have the time to react. She was trying to catch her lipstick pistol in her pocket when she heard a soft voice. This voice, which had a Russian accent, said that she didn’t have to be afraid. At this moment, she looked back and saw a tall man with a short blond beard.

            The mysterious man took her to the last floor of the building and they entered a little flat. They sat around a table and drank coffee.

The man was agent Eagle from the Russian Federal Agency and he explained to Mary-Jane her next mission.

       “You must be careful of Brian Laferty. We’re not sure about his name because he always changes identity and of course, we have no photographs of him. His speciality : manipulating big companies or corporations. So you must find him and kill him.”

             Then, he went into the other room and came back with a briefcase. He gave it to her and finished with:

       “All that you’ll need is inside."

            After this meeting, she went downstairs and waited for her bus a second time. It arrived. She went on and sat on the last free seat, next to a young man. He had shoulder-length blond hair and wonderful pale blue eyes. Mary-Jane thought he was a very handsome man. He smiled to her.

      “Do you often take this bus?”

It was this man. She was dreaming and answered after a long time.

      “Hum… Yes, every morning. But… why?

      - Because you’re beautiful and I would like to have lunch with you.”

      He was right. Mary-Jane was a very pretty woman. She was tall, with shoulder-length black hair and almond-shaped blue eyes. On her right cheekbone she had a mole, which is at the origin of her code name “The Mole”.

         His name was Thomas Brent. He got his lunch and many others too. They fell immediately in love. Mary-Jane was usually away because of her job but Thomas was really in love. Two months later, they were a real couple and were inseparable.

But during this time, Mary-Jane couldn’t find the trail of Brian Laferty. He was like the invisible man. No other investigation had been more difficult for her than this one

           She met agent Eagle to get more information several other times. But Brian was still at large : no news about him!

            But on a Sunday, she was walking in Central Park with Thomas when the English Secret Agency (ESA) phoned her. They said to her that they got a recent photograph of Brian and new information about him; she had to go to the ESA building immediately.

She said to Thomas she had to help a friend and then, she went to the ESA building. She arrived there, and after many checkings, she went to a very large room with many computers. In front of one of them, there was agent Eagle.

    “You look so excited!

-         Of course! For months and months I have looked for him and I will finally know what he looks like!

-         Can I have a look at his photo?

-         Yes, yes, look!

He opened a document on the computer. And then Mary-Jane felt as if she had got a bullet right in the heart : on the screen, she saw Thomas’s face.

Par : I. Karas

Publié : 3 juillet 2008