Published 13 July 2010
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Saturday, May 1st

...a special moment...

This Saturday was a moment of exchange which was really interesting for everyone. After having presented ourselves, we listened to the testimony of Mrs Yvette Levy.

3 special days -  voir en grand cette image
3 special days

Moreover, the testimony of the pupils of the European class, who went to Auschwitz 5 years ago, was extremely beneficial and interesting for us. We saw how they became conscious of the duty of memory as well as their willingness to avoid a new war to start again.

Mrs Nicolas, talked about the fact that this war mustn’t become an ordinary thing.

Mrs Lucas and Barrois explained how and why they had chosen to carry out this project.

This morning was a mix of generations ; with Mrs Levy, the witness of this period ; the parents, the teachers, and Marèse, who was born when it was really difficult to talk about the war ; and us who studied this period.
Two white candles, one which was already there 5 years ago, and the other one which was there during these three days, in the middle of the circle we stood in.

Everybody had brought something to eat, (main course or dessert). During this lunch, we could see the posters which had been made by the pupils of the European class 5 years ago, and the new posters we made some weeks ago.

Mélange de générations -  voir en grand cette image
Mélange de générations

Testimony of Salima M. and Edouard R, pupils of the European class :
« For us, this Saturday was the continuity of these two days with Yvette. It was really moving ! »

Article written by Juliette D et Manon L