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Published 9 July 2010
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An amazing journey with Mrs Lévy

A day full of emotions...we will remember it !

On Friday, April 30th, in the afternoon, we continued our amazing journey with Mrs Lévy and Marèse. Other pupils were with us. They were 19 years old. After Mrs Levy’s testimony, we could ask our last questions.

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Then, Mrs Barrois said : « Write or draw something about your feelings on a piece of paper. You are free to do what you want, alone or with the person you want ! ». First, it was really difficult. Nevertheless, we found ideas.

After these 20 minutes, we stood in a circle ; we could see everybody. Mrs Chanussot and Mrs Barrois offered us something to drink ( some coke or orange juice ). It wasn’t because we were thirsty. It was to toast. A toast, what for ? could you ask. A toast to what we wanted. For example, a toast for change, to the future, to life, to peace …

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Then we had to say a word describing our emotion: « terrified », «hope», « upset », « happy », « lucky » … Some read their texts or gave them to Mrs Levy.

This afternoon was full of emotions...
Everybody came back home, changed.

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Article written by Salima, Perrine and Louise

After the intervention of Yvette Lévy, we had a moment to ask our
questions. She showed us the yellow star and her tatoo.

« What did you feel the day when you had to wear the yellow star ? »

She answered that her life continued normally in spite of the glances of people.

After the break, Mrs Barrois proposed us some activities. We stood in a circle and
we could see everybody. Three students from 5 years ago had come to visit us and
meet Mrs Lévy.
A candle was lit and placed in the center of the circle that we
had formed as a sign of memory and as a tribute to the victims.

After the intervention, we were asked to define by one or several words
what we felt after this day rich in many different feelings.

Among these words were : Hope, disgust, sadness, shattered, terrified, …

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Afterwards, we were proposed another activity : we had to form a group of
two or three persons and create a text, a poem, or a drawing expressing our
emotions. We gave way to our feelings and creativity. We then went back in
the circle and those who wished could present what they had done.

We shared cola and orange juice to toast :

« Freedom is a basic of life and it musn’t be removed »

« It is necessary to perpetuate the duty of memory »

« We must do all we can to prevent this from ever happening again »

« I propose a toast to the Righteous people who had the courage to protect the
Jews »

At the end, we all thanked mrs Lévy and asked some final questions.
Others offered their poems and drawings to her.

A day full of emotions...we will remember it !

Article written by Maëlle, Héléna and Joséphine