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Publié : 9 juillet 2010
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Near our school, we met History witnesses...

The visit of the old people’s house

On Friday, June 18th, we went to the old people’s home Azemia. We were
really pleased to go there. First, we sat and listened to the old persons.
Even if these persons are old, they are like us : they are all speaking at
the same time ! It was funny ! They explained us their life during
the Second World War. It was really interesting because they
were 14 years old at that time. They were really kind. We discovered lots
of things that we had never supposed could have happened. The
anecdotes were funny or, sometimes, moving.
Then, we had the surprise to discover a buffet with a lot of
macaroons, little pastries, orange juice, coke... We could speak with

The buffet -  voir en grand cette image
The buffet

The funniest anecdote was :
« The German requisitionned the house of Mr Leclerc. He can remember that his
sister was really angry : They had kept all the marmalades ! »
And now, some impressions :
– « It was really perfect ! »
– « I found this visit really interesting because we could listen to true
stories from people that lived this terrible period. They were
really welcoming and opened to all the questions we had » Edouard
– « It was … TOUCHING ! »José
As a conclusion, we wish to thank the persons who
organized this fabulous afternoon.

M. Leclerc -  voir en grand cette image
M. Leclerc

By Maëlle, Salima and Héléna

We loved the visit at the old people’s home so much... It was very
interesting and the old persons were very courageous about their
It was very moving when Mrs Provost told us about a bridge that
should have exploded but in fact it was a school that expolded in
which 400 pupils were working.
This woman told us that after the explosion she picked up the
different pieces of corpses and she helped the pupils’ parents to
recognize a limb of their children.

Mme Provost -  voir en grand cette image
Mme Provost

This moment was very touching as well as the whole afternoon spent
with these old persons.
Just a word to these persons : « THANKS ! ».
Manon G. - Mathilde H