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Published 2 July 2010
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The Jews of Eure, discovery of the « Archives Départementales de l’Eure"

On Thursday, April 29th, we were both classes of year 10 Yellow and Blue with Mrs Chanussot and Barrois. We shared different activities on the theme of the Holocaust in Normandy.

From the records of the Archives of the Eure department, we traced back the life of a Jewish family during World War II (the RABINOVITCH family) on their journey to Western Europe (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia) to their arrival in Les Ventes, near Evreux, in Normandy. We learnt about the difficulties of living during the war : they had to obtain an identity card with the word « Jewish » written on it, they were taken some of their furniture. What’s more, we saw that they were gradually deported (first the children and then their parents). To achieve this, we used administrative records such as letters from the Eure prefect. We also discovered that the state censored the news from the deported ...

What shocked us :
"The father who sent a letter to the prefect to get some news from his deported daughter and son." Maëlle A. 3rd Blue,

" ... working with real documents from « Les Archives Départementales de l’Eure". Victoire L. 3rd Blue,

"They had to pay for the yellow star even if they were obliged to wear it…" Salima 3rd Blue ...

Thibault M., Wifried P., Mathilde H., Robin B.