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Par : I. Karas
Publié : 7 mars 2011
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Rencontre avec Mme Yvette Lévy

Rencontre avec Mme Lévy

Début janvier tous les élèves de 3ème ont rencontré Mme Yvette Lévy, rescapée d’Auschwitz.
Dans le cadre d’une séquence en anglais, les élèves de 3èmes Bleu, Jaune et Rouge ont produit un compte-rendu de ce témoignage. Chaque classe a ensuite voté pour l’article qu’elle préférait.
Voici les articles élus. Vous pouvez également en écouter la lecture faite par une élève de chaque classe.

Texte choisi par les 3èmes Bleu, lu par Océane :

With our class, we met Yvette LEVY whose life is amazing. She lived the Shoah and she survived to that. Yvette is a Jew.

During the Second World War, she was a scout and she used to help children whose parents were deported. She sent them to centres where they could have a better life than when they stayed alone.
It was difficult not to notice them because they had to wear a yellow star. Because of some other laws, the Jews were separated from the population. Yvette stayed in the centre where the Jewish children hid. She used to take care of them until the Nazis found them and arrested them. Yvette saved her family because she said they were dead. She had to go to a concentration camp. First, she was sent to Drancy, and after, in 1945, she was deported to Auschwitz. The life in Auschwitz was very hard. They didn’t use to eat a lot. They had to work hard outside. She was liberated by the Allied in 1945.

Yvette came back to France and now she relates her experience.

Texte choisi par les 3èmes Jaune, lu par Manon :

Meeting with Mrs Levy

On Monday 10th January we met Yvette Levy and she told us about her story.
On 30th January 1933 when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, Mrs Yvette Levy was a young Jewish girl. She lived with her two brothers, her grandmother, her father and her mother. During the war, when Jewish people went out, they had to wear a yellow star, they didn’t use to take the bus and Mrs Levy had to give her bicycle and her radio to the Nazis. She didn’t use to go to the same school and she used to walk to go to school. So her father decided to leave their house and the city. When they were in the new house Yvette Levy decided to help other Jewish people but one day, she was arrested by the SS and she was sent to a concentration camp. She said she was alone and she didn’t have any family to the policeman. She said it was very hard in the concentration camp and when she came back it was very difficult. What shocked Mrs Levy after WWII was the reaction of the other people who said “It was not difficult to survive in the camp !”
This meeting was very interesting and we learnt a lot.

Texte choisi par les 3èmes Rouge, lu par Charlotte :

On Tuesday 11th January we met Yvette Levy. She told us about her story during the Second World War.
The Jews had to wear the Star of David. Before the war she used to go to the swimming-pool , the cinema, the library, the theater, the museum … but during the war she had to stop going to public places. Before she used to speak to many people but with the Nuremberg laws she had to stop meeting non-Jewish people. She was deported because she was Jewish. At her arrival at the concentration camp, she had to have her hair shaved and she had to wear a striped uniform. Before she used to wash, to eat good food but when she was in the camp, she couldn’t because the water was cold, and the food was very bad ( water or bread or soup ).
We like her story because it is interesting. We were moved. Thank you MRS LEVY !

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